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"If you treat your body well, you will be rewarded with beautiful, healthy skin that will make a great canvas for makeup. Remember that the goal with makeup is to enhance your beauty, not to cover it up."
Skincare mistakes that make you look older
"Quality makeup brushes for me are like fresh surgical tools in an operating room."
Expensive Beauty Tools That are Worth the Price
TheList.com - March 07, 2017
"Pour chamomile tea into ice cube trays, and use in the morning on your eyes to get rid of puffiness before you start your day. -Christina Flach"
Easy Makeup Tips for Moms On the GO
Livingly - March 03, 2017
"I have a United Nations of friends of all different sizes, shapes and colors and the products looked fabulous and different on each skin tone."
We are all Pretty Girls says makeup creator Christina Flach
North Bay Woman - January 06, 2017
"I thought, 'I'm so sick and tired of putting lip gloss on every 10 seconds,' so I wanted to get rid of that problem for all the pretty girls in the world."
Christina Flach Founder and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup
Business Rockstars - April 22, 2016
"Christina's goal is to always make her client feel beautiful, inside and out."
Pretty Girl Makeup Offers Beauty Tips
ABC 7 News - July 19, 2015
Meet the Team
Christina Flach
Christina Flach is a celebrity makeup artist, founder and CEO of PRETTY GIRL Makeup, represented by Look Artists Agency in San Francisco. Ms. Flach has extensive experience in commercial print, advertising, fashion, beauty, TV and film. She also writes about beauty and fashion for weekly magazines. Her work is inspired by her love and obsession with beauty, fashion and art. Her goal is to always make her client look and feel beautiful.
Miranda Romero
Public Relations Manager
Miranda Romero is the Public Relations Manager of Pretty Girl Makeup. She is a seasoned writer and PR wizard from Northern Utah. She’s a University of Utah graduate who’s been published with the Standard Examiner, Downtown Devil, and currently runs the company blog. She loves working with the media and landing quality coverage. Her goal is to make sure the public can see what a wonderful and hardworking company Pretty Girl Makeup is.
Cassi Manner
Marketing Manager
Cassi is the Marketing Manager for Pretty Girl Makeup. Cassi currently studies Communication at the University of Tampa. She handles all online web design, social media and online marketing and newsletters. Her goal is to build brand awareness. She also works to update our customers about new products and deals. Cassi utilizes social media platforms to maintain relationships with all our Pretty Girls, so please reach out!
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