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CEO & Celebrity Makeup Artist Christina Flach

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"I started my own company because I know make up inside and out and I knew I could make long-lasting products that people would love."
Interview with Celebrity Make Up Artist Christina Flach
The London Beauty Training Committee - August 02, 2017
"Fun, exercise, daily meditation, laughter, and meaningful conversation are what makes you truly beautiful."
28 Quotes That'll Help You Have More Fun In Life
Here Life! - July 06, 2017
"A Celebrity Makeup Artist, CEO, and Company founder, Christina brings more then 20 years experience to Pretty Girl makeup. "
This Makeup Artist is Working with Celebrities, CEO’s & Launched Natural Cosmetic Products Brand
Xoomly - June 27, 2017
"We love doing contests on social media because it gives incentive for our followers to get involved and win free products."
18 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Most Successful Small Business Promotions
Fundera Ledger - June 07, 2017
"We used Pretty Girl Lunch designed by Christina Flach to put the finishing touches on this bohemian masterpiece! "
Inside the Flawless Bohemian Look with Hair and Makeup Artist Angela Reno
InterModelo Magazine - May 11, 2017
"I love the natural looking glow...Even more importantly, their makeup stays on all day in the blazing sun. "
Summer Nights x Pretty Girl Makeup
The Conscious Blonde - May 10, 2017
"Use the live feature to make your audience feel as though they are in on what your company is up to everyday! "
Top 13 Instagram Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs
New Theory - May 10, 2017
"A great size bag to hold all her favorite makeup that she can take with her anyplace. "
Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day
Things That Make People Go Aww - May 08, 2017
"Pretty Girl Makeup is a cosmetic company that specializes in natural, long-lasting products for girls on the go."
Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide
Posh Beauty Blog - May 08, 2017
"Too much dry shampoo can lead to a build-up on the your scalp that can block pores which can create painful cysts and nasty pimples"
Is Dry Shampoo Bad For You: How much is Too Much?
Slashed Beauty - May 02, 2017
"A bronzer across the cheeks after this long winter will help give the illusion of a week’s vacation at the beach!"
Spring Makeup Tips: Look Runway Ready, Every Day
California Clean - April 27, 2017
"Fun exercise, daily meditation, laughter, and meaningful conversation are what makes you truly beautiful."
28 Quotes That'll Help You Have More Fun In Life
Lighting Shoes - April 06, 2017
"Spring fashion week showed bursts of color, smudgy liner, some shimmer on the cheeks and bold color on the lips."
Spring Trends & Pretty Girl Makeup Giveaway
Soap Opera Digest - April 03, 2017
"If you treat your body well, you will be rewarded with beautiful, healthy skin that will make a great canvas for makeup."
Skincare mistakes that make you look older - March 20, 2017
"Quality makeup brushes for me are like fresh surgical tools in an operating room."
Expensive Beauty Tools That are Worth the Price - March 07, 2017
"Pour chamomile tea into ice cube trays, and use in the morning on your eyes to get rid of puffiness before you start your day. -Christina Flach"
Easy Makeup Tips for Moms On the GO
Livingly - March 03, 2017
"I have a United Nations of friends of all different sizes, shapes and colors and the products looked fabulous and different on each skin tone."
We are all Pretty Girls says makeup creator Christina Flach
North Bay Woman - January 06, 2017
"I thought, 'I'm so sick and tired of putting lip gloss on every 10 seconds,' so I wanted to get rid of that problem for all the pretty girls in the world."
Christina Flach Founder and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup
Business Rockstars - April 22, 2016
"Christina's goal is to always make her client feel beautiful, inside and out."
Pretty Girl Makeup Offers Beauty Tips
ABC 7 News - July 19, 2015
"I started out with lipgloss and we just took off from there. I loved working with the chemist to create these long-lasting products."
Christina Flach Talks Long-Lasting Lip Gloss
Lady Brain - April 14, 2015
"Christina Flach uses her knowledge of beauty and fashion to create and perfect new lip, eye, and face products."
Celebrity Makeup Artist Christina Flach is the Creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup
Positive Phil Podcast - August 26, 2017
Meet the Team
Christina Flach
Christina Flach is a celebrity makeup artist, founder and CEO of PRETTY GIRL Makeup, represented by Look Artists Agency in San Francisco. Ms. Flach has extensive experience in commercial print, advertising, fashion, beauty, TV and film. She also writes about beauty and fashion for weekly magazines. Her work is inspired by her love and obsession with beauty, fashion and art. Her goal is to always make her client look and feel beautiful.
Cassi Manner
Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Cassi is the Marketing Manager for Pretty Girl Makeup. Cassi currently studies Communication at the University of Tampa. She handles all online web design, social media and online marketing and newsletters. Her goal is to build brand awareness. She also works to update our customers about new products and deals. Cassi utilizes social media platforms to maintain relationships with all our Pretty Girls, so please reach out!
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