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Five Pretty Girl Makeup Tips from Christina Flach:

1. I try to make my clients, models and celebrities feel relaxed before I begin their makeup. A relaxed, happy and smiling face always looks better on camera. One of my tricks is to start with Bliss Body Butter, it has an amazing lemony scent and I get the blood flowing to their face from the pressure points in their hands.

2. I like to use Pretty Girl’s Rich Husband Lipstick with Soul Mates Lip Gloss on top to give the illusion of fuller and plumper lips. These products moisturize and have anti-aging properties.

3. Our brows frame our eyes, and the easiest thing to do is to fill in brows with eye shadow in a simliar color. I recommend Pretty Girl’s Look Into My Eyes or One Last Kiss to add a bit of drama and give a polished and sophisticated look.

4. I love the look of a black liquid liner, in particular one by Christian Dior. However, many women are intimidated to try to do it themselves. I have the perfect solution: Practice makes perfect, so give the liquid liner a try. If you make a mistake or if you want a softer look, all you need to do is take a liner brush with One Last Kiss and trace over the liquid liner you applied. You will get the longevity and dramatic look of the liquid liner but with the shadow, it will appear softer and flawless.

5. We all know that we are supposed to stay out of the sun to avoid sun damage, but sometimes we feel and look a bit pale. I love to add a touch of bronzer and blush to cheeks, forehead and throat; for bronzer I use Toes in the Sand Gettin’ a Tan, for blush I use Alimony, both by Pretty Girl Makeup. The result looks like we had a fun weekend in Cabo, and we did it without the risk of wrinkles or more sun damage!

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