Yummy Mummy Aloe Vera Body Cream

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    I created Yummy Mummy Aloe Vera Body Cream to help sooth hot  stretching skin, swollen feet and hands for my pregnant Pretty Girls! The delicious smell of Vanilla Sugar and the cool feel of Aloe Vera is the perfect combination to help moms feel some relief in all stages of pregnancy. Keep it next to your bed and give your feet a little massage before you go to sleep or right after you shower it helps to not get stretch marks  as it keeps the skin soft and supple. Another fantastic plus of Yummy Mummy, it is amazing for sun burns! I have put it on my kids skin after a long day at the pool and by morning the redness and pain is gone.My Harvard doctor girlfriend swears by it for her patients.Oh yes, you don't have to be pregnant or sun burned to enjoy Yummy Mummy!

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